Dulles Little League, Ashburn Youth Baseball

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Reference the VA District 16 website (www.vadist16.org) for tournament brackets, schedules and results.

Players of League Age 8-16 who are playing in the AA, AAA, Majors, Juniors or Seniors division are eligible for All-Star consideration.  Players of League Age 12 playing in the AAA division are not eligible for a DLL All-Star team per Little League rules. 

Near-daily practices will begin shortly after school ends in June, followed by a District All-Star tournament.  Teams that win the District tournament will continue practices and play in the VA State Tournament, and potentially beyond.  Expect near-daily practices to begin shortly after school ends, with District Tournament games being played as soon as late June.  Games are typically played around the July 4th holiday, including on July 4th itself.

Practices can now start the day rosters are announced (May 15, 2021)

All-Star managers and coaches should plan to be available through mid or late July, depending on whether your team advances to the State tournament. 

Key tournament dates and information is listed below. 
The current All Star Tournament dates are as follows:

District Tournament
League Age Host Site Dates
8/9 Special Games LSLL Byrne’s Ridge Park & Lions Fields June 15-22
8/9/10 ULLL Purcellville (Haske and Round Hill) June 18-28
9/10/11 LLLL Sterling (Claude Moore Park) July 7-15
10/11/12 CLLL Leesburg (Freedom Park) July 2-12
Juniors LLLL Sterling (Claude Moore Park) June 28-30

If your availability or interest change after you submit a form, simply revise your initial submission or submit another form on or before Sunday, May 7.





2018 All Star Tournament Schedule


2018 District 16 Special Games Tournament Schedule


Tournament         Announce Date     Dates             Location                

8/9 Minor League     June 1             June 11-16         LSLL – Byrne’s Ridge Park & Lions Fields


2018 Virginia District 16 Tournament Schedule


Tournament         Announce Date     Dates             Location

8/9/10 Year Old     June 1             June 18-28         ULLL – Purcellville (Haske and Round Hill)

9/10/11 Year Old     June 1             July 7-15        LLLL – Sterling (Claude Moore Park)

Little League         June 1             July 2-12        CLLL – Leesburg (Freedom Park)

Junior League         June 1             June 28-30        LLLL – Sterling (Claude Moore Park)


2018 Virginia State Tournament Schedule


Tournament         Report Date         Dates             Location

8/9/10 Year Old     July 4             July 5-TBD         Culburn, VA

9/10/11 Year Old     July 18             July 19-TBD        Woodstock, VA

Little League         July 18             July 19-TBD        Cage Springs, VA

Junior League         July 4             June 5-TBD        Alexandria, VA


2018 Southeast Region Tournament Schedule


Tournament         Report Date         Dates            Location

8/9/10 Year Old**     July 19             July 20-25         Greenville, NC

9/10/11 Year Old**     July 28             July 27-Aug 1         Greenville, NC

Little League         August 2         August 3-8         Warner Robbins, GA

Junior League         August 2         August 3-8         Fort Myers, FL

**Special Games – Tournament of State Champions


2018 Little World Series Schedule


Tournament         Report Date        Dates             Location

Little League         August 15         August 16-26         Williamsport, PA

Junior League         August 11         August 12-19        Taylor, MI